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David Armstrong
David Armstrong provided us with outstanding service that led to a very quick sale of our family home. In fact the house was on the market for only one week!

I called David to ask him if he could be our real estate agent since he came highly recommended by a family member. He was friendly and polite on the phone and quick to set up an appointment to meet with us so he could take a close look at the property.

At our first meeting at the house, he did a thorough walk-about. David gave us valuable and practical advise on what needed to be renovated so that the house would bring in the best possible price. After the initial meeting, we met on several occasions to review what renovations had been done and what could still be improved. He even helped us with paint colours and general interior decor. David was always available by phone and email. Whenever I sent him an email with some questions about the renos or about the procedures that would be followed in order to get the house on the market, he was quick to respond via email or with a phone call. Once the house was ready for the sale, David met with us and carefully reviewed what the sale price would be given the current house market, showing us examples of recent sales in our area for similar homes. He reviewed the house sale protocol that would be followed, collaborated with us in setting a timeline for the open houses dates and ensured that we were happy with the price points set for the sale of the house. After the Open House, he was quick to send us an email explaining how the event fared, outlining the positives and negatives (few) discussed by the visitors. David contacted us by phone when we received multiple offers. The night of the offers, he handled the potential buyers with courtesy and respect yet always making sure that we would get the best possible price for the house. In fact, he sold the house for us at a higher price than we expected to get for it. Bravo!

I would highly recommend David Armstrong, as your Real Estate Broker for the following reasons:
David has a warm, friendly personality. He is very professional, cares about his client(s), is reliable, punctual and an excellent listener and speaker. He makes one feel comfortable to talk to him about any concerns or ask questions,no matter how trivial. David has an excellent sense of humour that is welcomed when one is in a stressful situation eg: selling one's house.

David is the "Broker among Brokers!"

Thank you David for the wonderful support you provided us throughout the process and for an outstanding job!

Desiree R. (2014)

David Armstrong is the best real estate professional I've ever worked with. Despite my modest budget, Dave gave me enthusiastic, attentive service and offered welcome advice on myriad aspects of the home purchase. He is honest and ethical and does not resort to high-pressure tactics. Instead he used his many years of experience and hands-on, efficient approach to help me focus my search and we got the job done in record time. Now I'm happily moving into a great house! If you're looking for a first-rate broker, David Armstrong is the perfect choice. Thanks again Dave!

Paula C. (2013)

Dave, thanks for all your help, the house will work out great for me.... The future looks very bright and I'm very happy with your efforts in the sell/buy.... Thanks again!

David M. (2010)


Thanks so much for all your help over the last year. We love our new house! And the basement is, slowly but surely, coming together. You'll have to com for dinner in the New Year to check it out.

Have a wonderful Christmas & best wishes for the New Year :)


“The strangest testimonial that you’ve ever heard regarding a recent half a million dollar sale of a Luxury Waterfront condo!”

Hi there, I’m leaving this voice message testimonial without a request or even David Armstrong’s knowledge. If you take the time to actually listen to what I have to say, then this message may turn out to be the most important advice you ever receive….. at any price, regarding choosing a realtor.

Let me give you some background: I first met David On Oct 13, 2010. He was standing with his client in my waterfront condo that I had just listed for sale…..strategizing how they were going to put in an offer to purchase my condo at the lowest possible price.

I said hello to both David & his client, made some quick small talk, & then left in under 5 minutes to allow David to openly discuss buying my condo with his new client.

Fast forward to a few days later, I received an offer thru David on behalf of his client. I was also receiving several offers from other interested parties.

Ultimately, on Oct 27th, 2010, I accepted David’s clients final offer for exactly $XXX,XXX to the penny.

Now, here is where you really need to listen closely. I’m about to share some thoughts of mine, that will help you clearly understand just how important the decision of choosing a realtor is, and why I recommend David Armstrong so highly to you.

You see, I’m not a realtor, or related to David in any way. However, in a span of 15 days in the month of October, I dealt exactly 27 realtors.

And this is what gives me the confidence in referring David to any person considering buying or selling a home in Toronto.

There is a ton of great things I can say about David Armstrong and the service he provides his clients….so……I just want to touch on a few points of importance.

During the selling process of my condo, a bidding war broke out. Now, as everyone knows, nobody ever wants to be involved in a bidding war for a home……unless of course they are the person selling the property….which of course….i was.

In short, I was ill prepared to handle a bidding war on my own, and the process was filled with challenges from the very beginning.

In dealing with 27 realtors, I encountered people offering me side deals, fake offers, abnormally high offers, tons of lectures, and even some threats.

Now, David’s clients offer to purchase my condo was 1 of the very first offers I received. So, David & his clients, just like myself, were along for a bidding war ride, that was filled with excitement.

I guess I brought this situation on myself, as I initially listed my property on MLS, for what I felt was a significantly below market price.

And this ultimately created a huge demand,

Mr. Cooper


We literally couldn't have done it without you! Thanks for all your advice, good humour and patience over the last 5 months. You have been wonderful to work with, and we already miss seeing houses with you!

Colin & Camilla

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